Thursday, September 9, 2010

Regarding the labour price for an oil change...

The following is something I posted on yahoo Answers as a response to someone asking the "Labour price for a oil change". I must have been bored... but I like what I said!

Most shops provide a flat price for oil changes on most vehicles, depending on which grade and type of oil you choose. Be aware that they will always try to upsell you to a "premium" conventional oil or a synthetic oil. Neither of these is necessary as long as you follow your manufacturer's recommendations, which can be found in your owner's manual. The shop's cheapest oil will meet these specs. Anything else is paying more for no reason other than to feel like you're doing something good (You're not). (But it does feel good to think so, doesn't it!)

They will also check your air filter, passenger compartment filter and other maintenance items based on mileage. Do your own research ahead of time, because a lot of the time (Depending on the depth of your wallet) it is worth the premium they charge not to have to worry about changing these things yourself! They're not ripping you off - they're just trying to make money, and there's nothing dishonest about that, as long as they're not flat-out lying!

If you want to know if you can bring your own oil and filter and have a shop change it and only charge labour, be aware that the price they offer will seem like a ripoff. Sorry, but it will. But you're tying up a bay and their time, and they expect a certain amount of profit in that bay whether they're selling their own parts or not. Fair is fair.

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